Episode 3: Word Mechanisms


Hey Y’all! So this video is all about the most basic ways we can be more thoughtful with our words and the way we use word mechanisms. Let me know what you think.

I’m going to try to upload videos with a more regular frequency but I’ve been experiencing a lot of anxiety so bare with me while I work through it.

Much Love!




I really like that you spoke of the “How are you?” question. You are exactly right that most people really don’t want to know “How we are”. To me it just sounds like a phrase the “Hello” with not much meaning anymore. I have been doing the same thing you are suggesting for a while now. When someone ask me “how are you?”, I tell them the real answer. This really throws people off.

What I have noticed when they ask me at the store checkout and I answer with “OK” and I return the question , many times I get the “I am OK too” as the answer. But if you listen to the answer from the person that just came before you, both sides will have said “great”. In some way I think it is seen as a weakness if we tell the truth and so people just make things up.

Keep up the great work!


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