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XOTV Masterclass: Brainstorming
Hello and welcome to the Everything XOTV masterclass series! Throughout this blog, I will be sharing tips for the very beginning of the creative process: brainstorming. 
There are so many times when we sit down and are eager to begin until we realize we have no idea what we are actually beginning! Brainstorming can be an invigorating process for people as they shape their project’s concept. Below are five ideas to help you begin: 
1. What are people always asking you for advice on? Do you wish you could point them somewhere to find the information instead of always re-explaining it? Boom! Make a video or video series about that topic.
2. Head to your own browser history, what have you been trying to learn lately? Is there a clearer, more accessible way that information could be found? If you think so, make it happen! Plus, the best way to learn something is to teach it :)
3. Word maps. Have a faint idea of what you want to center your creative time around? Start there and work your way out. By linking associative ideas to your original one, you’ll end up with a unique idea of something you’re passionate about to create.
4. Get some exercise. I know, it might not be your favorite option of the five, but according to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, exercising can increase your creative fluency, no matter your actual mood. So, if the exercise makes you angry, it’s time to bust out your best vlog-rant of all time. But if your endorphins are firing off happiness post-workout, maybe a euphoric nature montage will be more your speed. 
5. Just, start. Pull out the paints, open up your editor, set up the tripod, and begin. Dance around, talk to yourself or draw circles until your silliness pushes you towards something you’d rather be doing creatively…and then bingo.
Sometimes the moment you sit down to brainstorm, the idea pops into your head, no effort required. Other times, it can be a little more time and energy-intensive. But by the end, a strong idea will prevail to take you to creative glory.
Do you have ways to brainstorm that aren’t on this list? Comment below! 

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