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Hello XOTV friends,
You’re reading this for one of a few reasons. Either you’re subscribed to our newsletter, you follow the Everything XOTV blog very closely, or I sent it to you personally. Whichever the reason, welcome. 
This week concludes our first month of the newsletter. It’s been exciting! And as promised, we delivered four exceptional new writers to your inboxes. They talked about inclusive music, objective journalism, misrepresentation in film and about cultural activism. What isn’t there to love? 
When we have special months like August where there are actually five Mondays, we have five opportunities to pop into your inbox and say hello! This Monday, I am here to say hi and reflect on our first month. XOTV stands for creatives all around the world, with many viewpoints. Up until recently, videos were the most prominent way these creatives were getting their messages across on the platform. But now we have not only a blog function but a newsletter!
XOTV believes that all creatives should be paid for their work if they want to monetize it, which is why we pay all of our XOTV writers fairly for their articles. Because we value transparency, I'll break it down for you. For beginner freelance writers, it's common to be paid between $0.03-$0.10 per word. Our writers are paid at the top of that scale. We look for new writers who need bylines and are establishing themselves in the industry. They act as freelancers and we focus on hiring POC writers specifically. We do this because we can and we think it's right.

We have also partnered with Culturs Mag, a publication that focuses on cross-cultural and intersectional identities. We pair up all of our articles with something from their digital library that adds to the conversation. 

Do you know someone who has a talent for writing that they should be paid and published for? Send them our way and maybe you’ll see them in your inbox soon. 
Want to sign up for the newsletter? Click here! Have something you’d like to read from us next? Send us your pitch to newsletter@xotv.me.

About the Author
Katie Mitchell

Katie Mitchell is the Director of Marketing and Engagement at XOTV. She is a trained journalist and social media manager. She finds joy in creating opportunities for people to follow their passions and make it into a viable way of living. You can find more about Katie on our About page, or by watching our Everything XOTV vlogs

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