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Before anything, I would like for anyone reading this to take the time to say the names of the Asian-American victims who recently were targeted and murdered. The four women killed in the Atlanta Spa on March 16, 2021, are Soon Chung Park, Hyung Jung Grant, Suncha Kim, and Yong Ae Yue. At another spa in Acworth, GA the shooter murdered four other individuals, causing him to be faced with eight counts of murder as his charges. These victims' names were Delaina Ashley Yaun, Paul Andre Michels, Xiaojie Tan, Daoyou Feng. 

At this time, I believe all people of color, specifically speaking as an Afro Latina and a Black person, should stand in solidarity with these individuals. Many resources prove this was a hate crime committed by someone who claimed an alleged sex addiction and also was excused by a police officer as having had “a bad day.” However, the murderer was a white young male who specifically ignored any other strip clubs or businesses that were not Asian or in the area that was predominantly Asian. He specifically targeted not only women at the Atlanta Spa but Asian-American women. Furthermore, he murdered these women after killing other Asian-American individuals in Acworth. 

People of color during this pandemic have faced so much in a matter of a year along with a virus that put a lot of our underdeveloped communities in such a detrimental situation financially, racially, and mentally health-wise. Police brutality surged during quarantine and forced communities to come together to fight back against corrupt actions. 

The Asian-American community has also faced their deal of hate towards people offer Asian ethnicity and race. Even the United States’ former president used rhetoric that encouraged citizens to make fun, mock, blame, and bully Asians and Asian-Americans as if they were walking-breathing carriers of the coronavirus. This was enforced by saying things such as the coronavirus being called “Kung-flu,” “the Chinese virus.” This has stemmed back from the former president’s comments circulating since 2020. Now in March 2021, the Asian community in our country finds themselves facing hate for something that is untrue and ignorant once more. They deserve to be fought for and respected just like the Black community deserves respect and needed support when we were and are being attacked for the color of our skin every day. It is imperative that individuals analyze whether they have enabled, were complicit, or participated in stereotyping, hate speech, bullying, or discrimination of the Asian community in any way. 

In the same way, we want the world to be educated on the authentic, uncensored truth of Black people and Black history which also can speak for Caribbean culture and Hispanic culture, we must do the same for our neighbor when they are hurting. We must educate ourselves and be proactive in a moment where a white individual once again has been excused for murder. 

This act of terrorism demonstrated white power, white privilege, and disgusting behavior with law enforcement flaws seeping through once again. Many things should be done and for now, some resources will be below for anyone who would like to be a voice during this time. 

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About the Author:
Susej Mendoza

Susej Mendoza is a 21-year-old, Afro-Latinx person from Bronx, NY  and they use they/them pronouns. Their passion is to educate the world on real issues related to race, economy, politics, and religion. Their writing is a component of that passion and their goal is to share that with the world while making people dig deep into who they are. 

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