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Developer and software products marketer--Hubspot's top three 2022 marketing trend highlights are
  1. "Influencer marketing will evolve from (a) trend to a common marketing tactic.
  2. Video marketers will keep content short.
  3. Mobile optimization will be even more important." 
And one black multicultural woman over fifty and gig economy entrepreneur is helping companies level up their influencer marketing. 

Antoinette Lee Toscano is a Contributing Writer at two international Magazines--Paddling Magazine and Culturs Magazine and other businesses, public speaker, and adventure sports industry consultant at America Outdoors Association, and a national brand ambassador. She entered the gig economy in 2014 when she left the IT sector as a former Chief Executive Officer. However, in 2021, she added a passive income side-hustle to her income stream as a digital content creator. 

Today, she is likely one of two adventure sports travel Hosts of color and the only Executive Producer. In addition, her side-hustle as a digital content creator on the XOTV platform and some Smart TVs provides four sources of income.
  1. Companies pay to sponsor her 'WhitewaterTV' channel for branding and organic product placement.
  2. Monthly viewer subscription fees.
  3. One-time viewer purchases.
  4. Consumer-generated product review income.

And a side benefit is that she received thousands of dollars in free adventure sports gear, equipment, and apparel as a National Brand Ambassador for top-tier companies. Toscano sometimes donates the freebees to nonprofit organizations like Vibe Tribe Adventures, where she is on the Board of Directors.

Toscano and her team work with companies to see where their product might fit into an existing WhitewaterTV series or episode. Or they might create a new series unique to the new collaboration.

Here are five influencer, consumer-generated content, organic product placement case studies:

Astral Footwear collaborated with a self-proclaimed "body-positive explorer" Ashley Manning to create a video about the challenge of working as a professional raft guide and recreating as a"plus-size adventurer." WhitewaterTV gave the footage an international platform on their channel to rave reviews as part of their adventure sports Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEO) training series. Watch the case study video here.

Fishing is a fun form of exercise and life skill in this age of food insecurity. Knowing how to fish, hunt, and grow food kept the Toscano family fed during the height of the pandemic food shortage in rural Colorado.
This case study shows how the fishing series organically showcased St Croix Rods, Astral Footwear, and Kokatat apparel.

Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is one of the fastest-growing outdoor recreation activities. And the gear, apparel, and equipment used by paddleboarders and other paddlesports like kayaking and rafting are creatively placed in every episode, social media post and are worn by the Instructors, Host, and Executive Producer. As the Executive Producer and a National Brand Ambassador for some of these top-tier adventure companies, Toscano saw an opportunity to place products in the new series organically. In this case study, you can see Badfish SUP stand up paddleboards, Werner Paddles, Kokatat PFDs , Astral footwear, Shred Ready Helmets, and
 Watershed Drybags.
Check out this case study video, and be sure to read the show description to learn about the viewer's product giveaway. 

WhitewaterTV was hired to create a product review report and video for a new device, the Hot Bento self-warming lunchbox. Toscano's credibility within the outdoor industry and relatable use of the Hot Bento is at the heart of this online and social media campaign.

In this holiday advertisement used on social media and WhitewaterTV, the thirty-second advertisement features the Watershed Drybags product and a 10% discount.

"We are excited to take on new channel sponsors, product reviews, and organic product placement opportunities in 2022. And to further our mission to help formerly marginalized groups and allies connect, reconnect, or deepen their connection to nature through adventure sports. And how to safely and sustainably get outside for an adventure." Antoinette Lee Toscano--Host and Executive Producer--WhitewaterTV on
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