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We are working with Gil Amelio to expand our presence to become the number one independent content producer and distributor in the world. Read on below to see how we’ve exploded in the entertainment space with our efforts to support creators worldwide. 
TL;DR: Over the last few months we have focused on producing high-quality exclusive content for the XOTV platform with some amazing creators. This has shown to be extremely effective in the market. For those of you that want more detail in the paragraph above, keep reading below!
We are happy to welcome many motivated creators and to work with talented podcasters on the XOTV platform. These folks include but are not limited to: Bas Rutten, Bootsy Collins, Culturs Magazine, Dennis Bright, Gil Amelio, Irene Yee and Levi Harrell, Lee Tomlinson, Michael Lloyd, Owen Rivera, Pat Boone, and The Comedy Chateau. 
Internal Updates:
We’ve built out our own analytics program for XOTV! It is like Google Analytics in its functions but is completely privacy-focused to keep us on par with our values. Our goal is to track as little as possible I order to protect your privacy. Having our own analytics program allows us to ensure that.
Continuing in the development world of XOTV, we’ve also begun working with WellDev, a Swiss development team, to provide much-needed developers to help expand the functionality of the XOTV platform, improve our Hisense app, and more. They have been doing an incredible job and we are excited to continue working with them. 
Hisense TVs are looking great! Adriaan has been overseeing our rollout in the Southern African market, and the Hisense team is encouraged by our numbers. We started the rollout slowly, with only 9,000 televisions, so we could scale at a comfortable speed. Right now we are on over 1,000,000 TVs in Southern Africa and continuing to expand! 
Because of all our fantastic new podcasts, this also means we need new editors. Katie Mitchell built out a system to source editors from local community colleges across the United States – a way to find and train new talent while paying them above entry-level. The college counselors love it, and so do we!
Our new creators and the additional funding have us in a lively position in the entertainment world. We look forward to working on so many inspiring projects and bettering the industry, one privacy-focused podcast at a time.
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