XOTV Vlog: Learning (and Failing) Publicly


It’s no secret that publishing our efforts is a scary task. Putting your new skills into the public eye can provoke feelings of vulnerability and imposter syndrome, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing to do! This week’s vlog is Katie’s love letter to people who put themselves, and their newborn skills/hobbies into the public sphere. Learn about how to overcome fear and move courageously into learning (and failing!) publicly.

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That was very inspirational and informative Wow!! This is such a great topic: Vulnerability, failing, learning and sharing! Have you ever read John Wooden? He was the ucla basketball coach that created a success pyramid. Incredible focus steps to consistent success. As creators and artists this task can be and is overwhelming sometimes. I just want to play drums right!? The idea idea that people would rather be dead than speak publicly is such an insight to the average persons psyche. Your vlog is right on! I still quite often don’t feel “worthy” of asking anyone for $$$ to view my content. Why? I’m breaking away from that mentality because I am becoming more confident in my offerings. I just wanted to say thanks for your work and sharing these great insights.
It really is about sharing and community. I’m psyched to be a part of it! Much appreciated 🙏


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