Creator Call | What's It Like To Be A New Creator On XOTV?


Erica Swift is one of the newest creators on XOTV. Her channel Deadhead Tarot is coming along quickly, the result of her focus and dedication, as well as working closely with our creator advisory team and in-house graphic designer. Erica has been extremely responsive to our feedback, and it shows! In this video, XOTV’s Director of Creator Relations, Michael Biesemeyer, talks a bit about what the first few months on the platform have been like for her as a creator. 👩🏼 🔮 ✨

Find out why we care so much about providing creator advisors to all of our creators.

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Erica…you are kicking ass…this is beautiful…thanks…this is really cool…TY MB!!…john (Erica’s new subscriber!)


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