XOTV Masterclass: Payments and Your Community


This is the first video in a new series covering everything you need to know as a creator on XOTV, from the creators of XOTV!

This episode covers what to do once you’ve enabled payment processing on your XOTV creator account. Specifically, how to talk to your community about payments to your channel, what content to provide and how to direct your community to pay for your content.

If you have any questions or need help, post in the comments down below, send an email to help@xotv.me or send a message to your XOTV creator manager. :)




Thanks for the info Franz It was very clear and easy to absorb. The different tiers are very easy to use and I am exited about this! I really look forward into building a community of supporters on my channel here on XOTV.

My only question or suggestion for now: I would rather change the “subscribe” button into something like “support” and also make the button pop out a bit more. If people come to this platform after being used to youtube, then the subscribe button won’t usually register for them as “support the creator” on the first experience.

I truly want to make XOTV my base (1 stop 4 all) so that viewers can watch, engage, shop and support me if they want to. So these areas need to draw them when they come on to my channel so that they can clearly know where to do what when they look at it. The priority for me right now is to create a following and to engage with people. So could we move the comments section up closer to the video and make it look appealing?


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Hey Daniel! I am really happy to hear you liked the video and it helped you out! Changing “subscribe” to “support” is a very good idea!! We may use that! But we want to make sure that it is clear to everyone that when you “support” that you’ll be giving that creator money on a monthly basis. Ultimately we will most likely switch to “support” but it’s important to us that we do it in the right way! I agree that the “subscribe”/“support” button should be made more visible. It should stand out from the rest of the buttons and links on the website. I also completely agree with you that the comment section should be moved up further on the page! This is something we are already working on, we really want to make commenting a major part of the XOTV experience and in order to do that, we need to make it easy and fun. We are also working on a system that would make it even easier for people in your community to comment even if they don’t have an XOTV account yet!

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Great video Franz Michael, I am very intrigued by the support system, I am definitely setting this up as soon as I feel I am at a place where I feel happy enough with my content that people can support me financially, and also at a place where I know I will be able to upload regularly and more important consistently… which should be in the next couple of weeks!

Thanks once again for the insightful and very clear video!


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