The Everlasting Tribe

I have always had a passion for social justice and equality and have worked hard to secure protection for other minority groups, but after the events that took place in Charlotte, I realized my people, the Jewish people, were once again in danger and I needed to refocus my efforts. I began studying Jewish history more seriously in order to understand our current situation more clearly. Jews are no strangers to persecution as they have been targets of senseless brutality since the creation of Christianity. People think of the Holocaust as being the only time period we lost mass amounts of human lives, but throughout the centuries, millions more Jews have been slaughtered. And if not murdered, millions of others were tortured in a variety of inhumane ways. After the Holocaust we promised to be smarter. Wiser. To never forget. To not ignore the warning signs. Cut to 2019. As the Anti-Defamation League says, “Never is Now.” Around the globe, and right here in the United States, antisemitic hate crimes are increasing at rapid rates and occur far more often than against any other minority. Yet when we ask for support from outside of our community we are often shut down due to a fallacy of white privilege. And really, does anyone know what exactly it is that we should be doing to fix the problem? My videos address all of this, and more, because we can’t talk about antisemitism without talking about all topics of hate, injustice and perseverance. If I mourn Poway I’m going to mourn Christchurch and Sri Lanka, as well. I’m going to point that the mistreatment of families seeking refuge at the Southern Border makes me think of when my family came to America and simply hoped to find kindness from strangers. I don’t believe any one of us has the magic answer, but I do believe that working together is the key to healing the world. I invite people of all backgrounds, faiths and beliefs to join me in Sharing Shalom. Share your stories with me and let me know if I can share them here. I will share mine, as well. Leave me a comment or email me at