Be the Voice that Says, "Enough!"


September, 2019 I just saw Bari Weiss speak and she reminded me that ALL OF US are capable of being the beacon. Every one of us needs to step up and be the leader, the voice, the one to say, “It’s enough! This must stop.” That is how we will stop antisemitism.

PS: This is my all-time favorite video I’ve ever made.

July, 2019 I made this video in March in response to an antisemitic incident that took place in the city where I live, however it seems quite timely to me given the circumstances at the border and the suffering and abuse currently taking place at the Trump Camps. Never Again means never again, to ANYONE, Jewish or not. We cannot stand by and allow this to take place.

Some might argue these camps do not compare to the concentration camps created by Hitler, however none of them started the way they ended but rather advanced to such horrifying degrees. If we don’t stop them now who knows where they will lead or how fast.

The statements I make in this video apply to the Jewish people, but they can apply to any minority that is under attack. We must take care of one another in our greatest times of need because, as I always say, we are one and the same and we are stronger together.

March, 2019 Ever since the Holocaust, Jewish children have been taught to look out for the warning signs so that another cycle of Jewish persecution would not befall our people. Currently, all over the globe, warning signs are flashing, but it is proving difficult to get the the world to pay attention. In this video I discuss the importance of both Jews and non-Jews taking a stand and the action items I am personally taking to make a difference.




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