How Well Do We Know the Leaders We So Blindly Follow?


So often we follow our leaders without asking any questions. We hear through friends or the internet about a fantastic new spiritual healer, an amazing new preacher or even the latest diet trend that are bound to change our lives and we jump on board without doing any research. We are looking for answers, We want to be better, to be healed, to be fixed, to find inner peace. ** No longer can we be so hasty. We need to know more about who we are getting our information from. What is their background, what are their motives and is anyone getting hurt by their work? ** In this video I tell a story about 2 friends, Josh and Finn. You might notice how their friendship parallels the conflict between Israel and Palestine and the Jewish and Arab people. By the time Finn becomes a well known leader around the world, he may be motivated by more than meets the eye.




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