Exploring Hanoi City - Crazy - Beautiful - Chaos - Vietnam Episode 2


Exploring Hanoi City on my first day in Vietnam. What a culture shock. I felt like I was transported to another world instantly. The smells, people, weather and food are so different to what I am used to.

Exploring the city was no exception when it came to feeling out of place. Traffic here seems to abide by no laws but interestingly enough it works very well. Organized chaos is what it is, scooters everywhere and horn honking for days.

The food is fantastic and the flavors I experienced were clean and bold. Weather…….Lets just say that is very hot.. Bearing in mind I did come in vietnams summer season so it was expected. The winters here are more accomodating for us westerners.

Had a fantastic time in Hanoi. People were a mix of overly friendly and somewhat abrasive, kind of gives you the weird feeling that some locals accept tourism and some don’t. Either way I had a great time with my group of friends.




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