How to 3D Model for Beginners in Blender - Channel Introduction


Welcome to PROSESO where it is all about taking control of your future, discovering your hidden creativity, combine it with abilities that Will change your life to do what You want to do. PROSESO, the channel where you will learn 3D Printing the easy way. On this channel I will host 3D modelling courses for the Absolute beginner in 3D Printing starting out with Blender so that you may understand fully how 3D actually works.




Wow, great to have a channel about 3D printing. I am really interested in getting started. Looking forward to your next videos.


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Four more on it’s way to be published in the next few days. Still busy recording the rest. I hope these videos are informative enough for the Absolute beginner.

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Great video.


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Thank you. Busy uploading the first real setup tutorial now. Will publish tomorrow

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We are looking forward to it!