Dead Reckoning: Savagery Unleashed - #ActionSceneChallenge Entry for FilmRiot and LaCie


After a couple long shoots to get everything right, and hours, hours and MORE hours of editing, scoring, audio, and visual effects, we give you Savagery Unleashed! Federal Agent Johnathan Blake must act fast and fight hard to stop Incognito Operative Salvatore from injecting Rachel with the zombie virus, or zombies from infecting her the traditional way! Written, Directed and Edited by Nate Sorrentino Visual Effects by Nate Sorrentino, David Scott, and Aaron Powell Musical Score by Seth Wright Sound Effects edited and mixed by Tim Davis Cinematography by Tim Davis, Dan Groth, David Scott, and Nate Sorrentino Behind the Scenes video coverage by Amanda Hill, David Scott, and Bronson Fuentes Behind the Scenes and Promotional Coverage Photography by Lindsey Card Location provided by John Stoffel, Rochester Airsoft Sound and Visual Effects, Plugins, and software licensed by Adobe, Blackmagic Design, AudioJungle, SoundMorph, VideoCopilot, Red Giant Software Shot on Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

Cast: Nate Sorrentino - Agent John Blake Nikko Gabayan - Salvatore Rebecca Finein - Rachel Widmore Eve Hovey - Main Zombie aka ZombEve Katherine Fudge - Female Zombie 2 Biz LaChance - Male Zombie Collin Arend - John Blake distant shot Double




Glad to work on this!


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