In this video, Daniel answers one of your questions. Why did Jesus send the demons into the pigs? If youโ€™ve ever wondered why Jesus allowed the demons to go into the pigs, then watch the full video to find out what the Bible says about it.

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ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Why did Jesus send the demons into the pigs? In this video, Daniel looks to the Bible for answers. Have you ever read the story of Jesus and the demons that went into pigs? You might have wondered โ€œWhy did the demons ask Jesus for pigs?โ€™ or โ€˜Did Jesus allow demons to enter the pigs?โ€™ If you want to know if demons are real, or if Jesus really exorcised demons into pigs then watch the full video. Demons are real, and they love to torment Godโ€™s children, but they are not more powerful than God. Even the Legion of demons that were in the man from Gerasenes were no match for Jesus and bowed down before Him. If you want to understand why Jesus sent the demons into pigs, then watch the video till the end to fully understand why.

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