Why does GOD allow PAIN AND SUFFERING? (If He exist and is love)


In this video, Daniel talks about: Why does God allow pain and suffering? Why does He allow it if He really exists and is Love?


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In this video, I take on the heavy question most people ask: If God exists and is love, then why does God allow pain and suffering in the world? Most people ask this question at least once in their life. I try to answer this question by also sharing my own pain and suffering that I experienced and how I still believe that God exist, and that He is a God of love. Some people also ask why does God allow evil to exist, which I also try to explain in this video. Suffering is part of this world and it is hard to accept that God is love if He allows pain and suffering. So in this video, I give you a few answers to show you why God allows suffering. I just want to humbly thank God and many Christian leaders like Ravi Zacharias who taught me over the years to understand who God truly is. Many of these teachings will be visible throughout my videos and I can not take credit for it.




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