This is the 4th video of the new series where I talk about the wrong assumptions people make about Christians. In this video, I talk about people who say that Christians are just boring and old. Are we really? Well, watch the whole video to get a clearer picture. SUPPORT US I would deeply appreciate your support by sharing my videos with family and friends. You can also support me financially by subscribing to my channel here: I deeply appreciate your support

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ABOUT THIS VIDEO: In this video, Daniel Maritz I explain to you that a lot of people today make false assumptions about Christians and believe that we are boring and old. Is that true? Well, definitely not. Have you ever asked yourself why you believe this? Is it because of where you grow up or the type of movies or tv series that you watch? I used to live a very sinful lifestyle were I tried to fill myself with earthly things to have piece and purpose… In the end, the world has just let me down, but God did not. God is real and God loves you and has a purpose for you. He saved my life, gave me truth and purpose to fully have and enjoy life at it’s fullest. No real Christians are not boring, that can not be further from the truth. This is hard to describe, but how do you describe the blue sky to someone who has never seen it? I believe most people today have the wrong idea of what a true Christian really is and how they live. Follow me on the channel to learn more.

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