Are demons real? If they are then what about demon possession and demon exorcisms? If you asked one of these questions before, then check out this video where I share my true story of growing up in a world where I experienced it. The devil and his demons are real and they can influence people, but watch the whole video and if you have more questions, just put them in the comment section below. SUPPORT US I would deeply appreciate your support by sharing my videos with family and friends. You can also support me financially by subscribing here:

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ABOUT THIS VIDEO: In this video, I answer the following questions about demons: Are demons real? Can someone be demon-possessed? Are demon exorcisms real? It is interesting how so many people and even people in the church say that demons do not exist, while they have never experienced it… It is like saying the sea does not exist because I have never seen it… In that case, it is better to say, I don’t know if it exists, because I have never seen it… The devil and his demons do exist and they can influence people and a person can also become possessed by a demon. Most people who experienced this do not really want to talk about it, because it influences how other people treat them and their family.

Satanist pray to the devil and also ask that demons come into them…Other people can also get demons in them through sin because sin gives demons access to you. Some people focus too much about these things like demons and the occult, but I would rather focus more on what Jesus has already done for us and learning how to grow more spiritually every day to become more and more like Christ. But if you feel that you might be possessed by a demon, seek out a real reborn Christian to pray for you and help you. Demon exorcism is real, but it does not really work in the way that you see it in movies…But watch the whole video and if you have more questions, just put them in the comment section below and I will see if I can make a video about it sometime.

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