How to PRAY to GOD for HELP effectively 🙏


How to pray to God for help effectively? That is what I will be talking about in this video and I will look to the bible for the answer SUPPORT US I would deeply appreciate your support by sharing my videos with family and friends. You can also support me financially by subscribing to my channel here:

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ABOUT THIS VIDEO: In this video, I talk about one of the most important things in a Christians life, which is prayer. Most Christians today do not pray enough to God. If we want to walk with God and experience His peace in our lives, then we need to pray to Him about everything n our lives. If you want to know how to pray to God for help, or how to pray for healing or anything else, then you need to learn more about God. If you are not yet a Christian, then give your life to God and learn how to walk with God in a close relationship where you talk with Him daily about everything. Prayer is not something mysterious where you need to pray in a certain way for God to hear from you. He is always there listening to you. There are a lot of Christian bloggers and Christians YouTubers out there and yet so few of them talk about the power of prayer. Every Christian who claims to have a relationship with God should know how to talk to God and how to hear from Him. Listen to the whole video and see what the bible says about effective prayer. If you watched the whole video and liked it, then LIKE, SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE MY CHANNEL




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