WHY DID JESUS COME to earth in the flesh AS A HUMAN?


In this video, I answer one of your questions: Why did Jesus come to earth in the flesh, meaning as a human? The answer to this question is more important than we realize and you need to know the answer. So in this video, I cover 7 reasons why Jesus Christ came to earth as a human. SUPPORT US I would deeply appreciate your support by sharing my videos with family and friends. You can also support me financially by subscribing to my channel here: https://xotv.me/users/subscriptions/new?xotv_channel_id=221-dlm-christian-lifestyle

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ABOUT THIS VIDEO: In this video, I look to the bible and give you 7 reasons why Jesus Christ came to earth in the flesh. There are many reasons why Jesus Christ had to be a human when He came to earth. Some people only know that He had to come to save us. But why? Why did Jesus have to come as a human in the flesh? Well, check this video to understand this better. If you watched the whole video and liked it, then LIKE, SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE MY CHANNEL

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