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In this video, I talk about 5 things that Christians should stop saying. Does what you say reflect that you are a true Christian? Watch the video to find out. SUPPORT US I would deeply appreciate your support by sharing my videos with family and friends. You can also support me financially by subscribing to my channel here: https://xotv.me/users/subscriptions/new?xotv_channel_id=221-dlm-christian-lifestyle

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ABOUT THIS VIDEO: In this video, we look at 5 things that Christians should really stop saying. In the world we live in, it can become so easy to get swallowed up by what people say and do. It is easy to become part of the world and do what unbelievers do and say. But we are called to be set apart and to be holy. A true Christian lifestyle is one the shines its light in the darkness, not a lifestyle that becomes part of the darkness. If you are not careful you start saying certain things out of habit, the unfortunate thing is that not all habits are good. In Psalm 141:3 David asks God to “Set a guard, O Lord, Over my mouth; Keep watch over the door of my lips [to keep me from speaking thoughtlessly].” - Amplified Bible I want to challenge you to break free of bad habits, and to think before you speak. Follow David’s example and pray to God to help you on your quest to speak only truth and not speak thoughtlessly.

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