New CHRISTIAN CLOTHING 2020 | DLM Christian Lifestyle Merch


Welcome to the launch of DLM Christian Lifestyle Merch. In this video, we show you our new designs and their meanings. Check it out here: πŸ‘•!/ πŸ‘— Email us with any merch related questions: πŸ“¨

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ABOUT THIS VIDEO: The DLM Christian lifestyle merch is finally here! We worked really hard on these designs to get you quality merch that sends a strong message. The merchandise is there to remind you to put God first in your life. We have over 10 designs that you can choose from. You choose the design and then you choose on what type of merch you want it (hoody, t-shirt, mug, socks, beanie, etc.). When you buy merch from us, it also helps us to keep on spreading the gospel. You need to know that I am not taking any of the profit for myself, but it goes directly to the DLM team that we are building up. Thank you for all the support over this last year. We were able to grow from 0 to 300k in one year, and it is all thanks to you who share my content to change more lives. Please pray for me and the team as we continue to preach the gospel in truth and love. God loves you and I love you too!

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