In this video, Daniel shows you his list of the 20 best Christian books of all time.

Daniel’s Top 20 Christian Books📚 1. Systematic Theology – W. Grudem https://geni.us/SystematicTheology 2. The New Bible Commentary Revised – D. Guthrie, J.A. Motyer, A.M. Stibbs, D.J. Wiseman https://geni.us/NewBibleCommentary 3. The Calvary: Road Exploring Christianity – R. Hession https://geni.us/TheCalvaryRoad_Hession 4. The Normal Christian Life – Watchman Nee https://geni.us/NormalChristianLife 5. Absolute surrender: How To Walk In Perfect Peace With God – A. Murray https://geni.us/AbsoluteSurrender 6. Abide in Christ – A. Murray https://geni.us/AbideInChrist 7. The Power Of Prayer in a Believer’s Life – C. Spurgeon https://geni.us/Spurgeon_PowerOfPrayer 8. Spurgeon on Prayer & Spiritual Warfare – C. Spurgeon https://geni.us/SpurgeonPRAYER_WARFARE 9. Revival Fire – W. Duewel https://geni.us/RevivalFire_Duewel 10. The Spiritual Man – Watchman Nee https://geni.us/SpiritualMan_Watchman 11. I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist – N.L. Geisler, F. Turek https://geni.us/NoFaithToBeAnAtheist 12. When The Enemy Strikes – C.F. Stanley https://geni.us/WhenTheEnemyStrikes 13. The Holy Spirit – Billy Graham https://geni.us/TheHolySpirit_Graham 14. The Case for Christ – L. Strobel https://geni.us/CaseForChrist_Strobel 15. How Do We Know the Bible is True Vol. 1 – K. Ham, B. Hodge https://geni.us/BibleTruth 16. God In The Market Place – Henry & Richard Blackaby https://geni.us/GodInTheMarketplace 17. How To Know God Exists – R. Comfort https://geni.us/HowToKnowGodExists 18. What Every Christian Ought To Know – A. Rogers with S. Rogers https://geni.us/ChristiansOughtToKnow 19. Rediscovering Holiness: Know the Fullness of Life with God – J.I. Packer https://geni.us/RediscoveringHoliness 20. 23 Minutes in Hell: One Man’s Story About What He Saw, Heard, and Felt in that Place of Torment – B. Wiese https://geni.us/23MinutesInHell

If you want more Options, check out my bigger list here:

  1. Knowing God – J.I. Packer https://geni.us/KnowingGod_Packer
  2. Heaven Is For Real – T. Burpo, L. Vincent https://geni.us/HeavenIsForReal_TBurpo
  3. Satan a Defeated Foe – C. H. Spurgeon https://geni.us/SatanADefeatedFoe
  4. The Lie – K. Ham https://geni.us/TheLieEvolution_KenHam
  5. The Ultimate Answer Pack – K. Ham, B. Hodge https://geni.us/NewAnswersBook1_KenHam


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ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Daniel shows you his favorite Christian books to read and does a quick. There are many Christian books out there that you can read, but not all of them can be trusted. The bible was, is and will always be the best book that you can read, because God is the author. Whenever you read a Christian book, always remember to test it with scripture to make sure it is biblically sound. There are great authors out there that you can trust and in this video I show you some of the best Christian books that you can read and trust. These books will help you to grow spiritually stronger and to understand the bible better. These are not the best Christian books of 2020, but the best of all time according to my opinion. Let me know what your best or favorite Christian books are of 2020 and give me a quick review.

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