5 Things CHRISTIAN WORSHIP LEADERS need to STOP DOING in the church today


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ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Joining the church in praise and worship is one of the most amazing things that you can experience in this world. Coming together as a family, as brothers and sisters in Christ to worship the God of the universe. Worship leaders have a big responsibility to lead the church in worship. But how do you lead a praise and worship service effectively? What should worship leaders be mindful of and what should they focus on? How to lead worship effectively for God’s glory? In this video, Daniel answers these questions by talking about 5 things Christian worship leaders need to stop doing in the church today.

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At least I found one who agrees with the view of today’s modern worship. 1. Built to sell. 95% of worship today comes from the popular Big 3 (Elevation, Bethel, Hillsong). Much of the lyrics are superficial or written to be liked, not directly worshiping God. 2. Feelings. I find many songs are built on how we feel about God and not what we should KNOW about God. It fuels our adrenaline and when that wears off, we go back to our normal life. It doesn’t last. 3. No unity. As was said here, songs are no longer written for all to sing in unity. Many cannot hit note high or long. Besides, many worship teams do such a great jump, why bother to join in? My singing would ruin the perfect performance. Go on YouTube and you will find many people β€œlove this song” posts. Many of the songs speak more to the Christian than it does to God. American Christianity does not truly know how to pray or worship anymore. I dare any leader to say β€œwe’re going to worship God” and have no musicians on the platform. A great majority would be lost. They believe they NEED music to worship. Adrenaline fueled music is not the Spirit moving amongst them. It is so superficial, worship leaders are trying to get the Spirit to move by engaging people through personal experience, tales, or leading by the music. Sadly, the Spirit isn’t among us or brooding over waiting for us to humble ourselves. We need to learn how to worship without music and see what happens.


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