The Wo[men] Cleanse - Expectations


We are all guilty of this one, creating unrealistic expectations of our loved ones. And let’s be honest, we get upset when we have to live up to other’s expectations of us. So why do we do it? Well first of all we are human, but we are not using it as an excuse. I think creating expectations also ties in with our standards. So we have a certain standard of the life we want, which includes dating.

Expectations can also be healthy, when they are realistic. Point is, we need to conscious of our expectations and the box we create for our partners. It can ruin the right relationships and that would be such a shame.

We are at the end of our Wo[men] cleanse month and we have dealt with some tough obstacles in the past month. But we are happy to say the month is over and with that a new season is here, Spring!

Happy Spring everyone, may you only have blessings in this coming month.

xoxo MASH




You girls are wise beyond your years! It took me many years to learn these truths you are discussing and it is so great that you are speaking to other woman about this! May they listen and implement these life skills! Keep on doing what you are and good luck ❣


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Thank you for your wonderful comment and insight Lucille! It’s so appreciated. Here’s to many more! xoxo MASH

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