Save The Date


Hi there! And welcome back to our channel!

This week, we’ve decided to tackle a topic so near and dear to our hearts.

We live in a day and age where life has become so rushed that you can lose sight of yourself and needs, especially once you become a parent.

We aren’t mothers yet, but we do see how great of an impact a little me-time can do for mommies who give their all, day in and day out, for their families.

This video is just a reminder that YOU are allowed to have needs, too! And that you are doing amazing!

We hope you enjoy the video, see you next week :)

All our love, xoxo MASH




Geez guys, wish I knew all this when I was young and raising my kids..I never went out with friends and that is actually so sad! Must say I am making up for it now??? You go girls❤?


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There’s no time like now! :) Thank you for your support! xxx

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