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So this week instead of a topic video we decided to share with you what we’ve been up to this past weekend. About three months ago we gave away a photoshoot to one lucky lady who entered our Women’s Month competition.

We obviously wanted to give it away to everyone because all the ladies who entered deserved to win, but Nadine stood out to us. Without knowing us, she has been sharing our videos and watching them since day one. And she also told us that our videos has actually helped her in many ways.

So we did a whole makeup & glamour shoot with her to boost her confidence and show her that she is worth so much. MASH isn’t just about us two making videos every week. It’s about connecting with other women, building them up and to inspire others and let them know they are worthy.

What a wonderful way to end off our weekend and spend it with such an awesome person.

You can follow our other social media platforms to see some of the final photos and the outcome of the shoot as well as what we are up to kind of on a day to day basis. Just search for these handles below Instagram: @xoxomash Facebook: @xoxomash

Much love, xoxo MASH




Julle is amazing!!!?


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Baie dankie Jess! We love you! <3

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