Bikini (Not) Ready


Suns out buns out, right? Hell yeah!

Ladies as we approach the holiday season we are all dreading taking that bikini out of the closet. Well this year we want to encourage you to dust off that bikini and wear it with pride and confidence. If we keep on focussing on the “I’m not bikini ready” we will never feel comfortable in our own skin.

Remember that you are absolutely beautiful and you don’t need to super toned or skinny to feel comfortable. Rock those jiggling thighs and don’t be so hard on yourself. Remember your sunscreen and hats because the sun is hot like a motherfluffer (yes we used a more suitable word and no we don’t know if it’s an actual word).

We hope you enjoy our video this week and know that you are loved! Have a great bikini season :) See you next week.

Much love, xoxo MASH




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