New Year… Same Me.


New Year’s Resolutions… “New Year, New Me!” So much pressure! Well, the reality is… What if you don’t feel like a ‘new person’ with the new year, what if you don’t have a new found sense of motivation accompanying a new era? What if, nothing feels like it really changed at all?

Well, in this video we touch on this subject. A reality we as normal human beings face.

We’re not going to give too much away, rather take a look for yourself :)

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Thanks so much and we look forward to a great year ahead. Stay tuned for more!

To 2020! With all its glory, and all its challenges.

All our love, xoxo MASH




Welcome back….missed you guys! For me, the one year just flows into the next. I normally don’t do well over the festive season and feel that we do not have to put so much pressure on ourselves to create a list of things to do. Take it as it comes. Life is what happens while you are making your list of plans……rather live each day to the fullest, tomorrow you can try again!❤


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