Periods & Pills


Let’s be real. All of us women go through this.

It’s painful. It’s tiring. It’s emotional. And… It’s monthly.

We live in 2020, a day and age where we can drink the tiniest of pills which completely changes the process of something so big that we were created for… Reproducing. And with that complex process, you get interesting results.

In this video we talk about our experience with contraceptives in many aspects.

Whether you’re using contraceptives yourself, looking into getting on The Pill or simply a guy who wants to understand that weird phase each woman in your life seems to go through on a monthly basis… You’ve come to the right place.

We hope you enjoy this video and maybe it adds value to your life. And if it happens to be that time of the month… You got this girl! Eat that chocolate! <3

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All our love, xoxo MASH




Morning ladies! LOVE your videos. Keeping it real x


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