2. WORDS OF AFFIRMATION - The 5 Love Languages


Welcome to our second video of our series where we talk about the love languages. It is normal for us to seek out the approval of others and often we don’t even realise that this is because it’s a love language. We live in a world where true connections are rare and people don’t really get to know each other anymore. Once we realise that almost everything we do flows from our love languages, we can understand connection better and why we connect on the levels we do.

We explain in this video the different aspects of the language and how deep it truly can go. We love this love language and what a wonderful thing it is when you can understand the why behind your actions and thoughts.

We are currently in lockdown here in South Africa, and there is no better time to reach out to everyone who is important to you and tell them you love them!! We hope that you enjoy this video, and please be safe wherever you are!

We’ll see you again next week! All our love, xoxo MASH




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