Let's Agree to Disagree


This is such a common thing, let’s agree to disagree because we all have different opinions don’t we? Yet, we often try to force our opinions on other people and try to make them see our point of view or vice versa. Guys, we won’t agree on everything in this life.

Obvious you say? Well, not actually. Especially when it comes to topics we feel very strongly towards. It’s in our nature to try and explain to other people why we feel the way we do, and sometimes take offence when they don’t feel the same. The better way to approach this is literally to adopt the attitude that we might disagree on certain things and that’s OKAY!

Don’t feel bad when you don’t see eye to eye with everyone, but do have respect for their beliefs as should they have towards your own.

We hope your enjoyed our point of view and if you don’t agree, well let’s agree to disagree ;)

See you next time! xoxo MASH




Love it 💕


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Keep’em coming ladies, great job on the videos :))


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