In The Beginning...


Many people don’t know this, but XOTV played a major role in the roll-out of MASH.

MASH was a dream we had before we connected with the XOTV team but they truly motivated us to finally get this ball rolling.

Therefore, for MASH’s 1st birthday we’d like to celebrate in no other way than including two very important people in our vlogging journey - Franz Michael and Franz Ressel, XOTV’s creators.

We’d like to give you some great insight as to why we have such a passion for this brand and what better way than a personal interview with these two fantastic human beings!

We’re looking to do more interviews in the near future and we are honoured to kick off our first interview with these gentlemen.

We had such a great time bringing this video to life and we hope you enjoy it!

All our love, xoxo MASH




Thanks again for having us on the show! It was a pleasure!!


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