Let's Talk About Sex Baby - Episode 1


Yesssss you read that right!

We’re always saying we’re being “real and raw”, and don’t get us wrong, we really are speaking our truth…


But we realized we’re still tiptoeing around the daunting subjects we REALLY want to talk about. And finally, with a leap of faith, we’re excited to bring you this new series.

Let’s talk about sex, baby. You’re either doing it, know people doing it, or wonder about it.

In this series we open up about a few harsh realities in the world of love… And lust. The challenges, the beauty and the downright reality of it all in our modern day and age.

Honestly… We were nervous to be so open so publicly, but we just know the calling lies within the harder topics. The things some of us REALLY just need to hear, in a safe space and maybe JUST maybe, with a fresh perspective.

We hope you enjoy watching this as much as we did making it! And thank you for all the support as always.

We’re excited to share this series! ♥️ Please follow us on insta for updates 🤩 @xoxomash

All our love, xoxo MASH <3




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