Alert: The CCP’s Real Economic War! | Guests: Gordon Chang & Frank Gaffney | Ep 159


China seems to play into all the equations, from U.S. national security to our economy and even our health. With recent reports of Joints Chiefs of Staff Chair Mark Milley stating he would warn China if we attacked, has our national security been compromised? Today, China’s economy is slowing, and it now appears China is more aggressively preparing a war footing. Nuclear missile sites are popping up around China, but is that the real threat? China’s ultimate weapon may be to depopulate the U.S. so it can colonize America. What sounded hard to believe seems like a credible threat as we learn more about potential bioweapons. This week, national security experts Gordon Chang and Frank Gaffney join Kevin Freeman in the Economic War Room to provide your weekly briefing.

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