What ‘G’ Really Means in ESG Investing: Gender Gimmicks | Guest: Ken Blackwell | Ep 167


Ken Blackwell, former Ohio secretary of state and mayor of Cincinnati, joins Kevin Freeman in the Economic War Room to discuss the hypocrisy of ESG and specifically its governance (G) agenda. The G includes a gender and race quota agenda for corporations. It’s not really about genuine diversity, but rather mandated quotas and artificial diversity. In some cases, these alone can be sexist and racist. The idea that we need governance is the reality that the elite want to dictate how everything is run. They often do so in a way that gives them more power and us less liberty, while they promise better results. All that comes at the expense of free markets and the expense of your personal liberty. They use gimmicks. They exploit real issues to usher in their brand of socialism with themselves at the top. There is an answer for creating true diversity and higher returns. ESG governance is not that answer. Do you know what’s in your portfolio? This is part three of our exclusive three-part series on ESG investing and the real agenda that is behind this movement.

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