It’s All About Your Future - The Secret Plan to Destroy America | Ep 168


The Great Reset is planned for 2030. If it succeeds, life in America will never be the same. At this year’s World Economic Forum, the leaders openly shared their agenda. Yes, your money, livelihood, and way of life are actually being targeted. Only top-down authoritarian mandates and controls can provide the solutions to the problems they create. Take the Constitution and Bill of Rights and shred them. There is no more free speech, no freedom of religion, no right to property, and no right to conscience. The elites know “best,” and you will either conform or be punished. The good news is that as the Globalists make these moves, Americans now understand what is at stake. It’s not too late, we can stop it, but we must work together like we never have before. In this exclusive teaching series, Kevin Freeman shares the solutions that may be EWR’s most important episode yet. This is a must-share segment with friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors.

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