Election 2020, You Decide: The Must-Have Game and Gift of the Year! | Guest: David Clements | Ep 169


Exclusive: the first look at the “Election 2020, You Decide” board game. Guest David Clements joins Kevin Freeman in the Economic War Room to show us how it works. It’s a fun new way that you can connect what you know you saw and what you know you heard with the reality of what happened. It lets players laugh and heal, with hilarious jabs at the personalities behind the process. Political Parody takes the center stage with this board game and its “Avatar News Network.” Be a part of the election fun network and experience a board game that integrates with your smartphone to change the way board games are played! “Election 2020, You Decide” is a must-have game you will want to share with your friends! Order now! A portion of the proceeds will benefit the ongoing work of the Economic War Room.

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