The Chinese Communist Party Pulled the 'Trading Places' Switch, and the US Is Losing | Ep 190


Kevin Freeman explains how the Chinese Communist Party has pulled the “Trading Places” switch on America. For most of the past two decades, we were told that China was our friend, a would-be capitalist nation with more economic freedom than we enjoy. We were told that the Chinese were our allies and bankers, happily buying our federal debt and selling us all sorts of wonderful things at Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon. In reality, China was executing its Unrestricted Warfare master plan. The Chinese tempted U.S. politicians and elites to sell out America in exchange for special privileges. Both Republican and Democrat politicians gained while Americans lost. It’s time to shift the power away from tyranny and fight for victory. It’s time you make certain your investments support rather than destroy America. NSIC financial advisers can help you invest in liberty, security, and values.

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