The Digital Texan: Real Economic Justice from the Lone Star State! | Guest: Rod Martin | Ep. 192


Tired of inflation devaluing your money? Rod Martin, one of the PayPal founding team members, explains how a new proposed gold-backed, state-backed Digital Texan currency could be done in a way that is precisely the same as the way people use bank accounts or PayPal accounts now. You have digital dollars right now. They aren’t technically “the digital dollar” in the way that Biden’s executive order is speaking of, but they’re functionally digital. With a gold-backed Digital Texan, Texas could strike a blow for sound money and sound economics not seen in a century! Other benefits: It would be a natural hedge against inflation and help restore economic justice to the poor! Kevin Freeman and Rod Martin discuss the summit and why so many thought leaders see the Texas Bullion Depository and the Digital Texan as a solution for today!

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Let’s be clear about this….yes, the govt is responsible for the state of our currency but it’s the FEDERAL RESERVE that should bear the brunt of it all. The central banks of the world own our politicians and in effect own the govt. MAKE NO MISTAKE who the puppet masters are. END THE FED.


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