Holding State Governors and Legislators Accountable When They Don't Act in the Public's Financial Interests | Guest: Derek Kreifels | Ep 215


Driving fiscally sound public policy by partnering with key stakeholders and educating Americans on the role of responsible financial management in a free market economy is the mission of Derek Kreifels. His group works to hold elected state officials accountable to the people they represent. One of the first things his team of treasurers and auditors stood up against was this weaponization of the IRS and a proposal at the United States Treasury Department called the “Green Book,” which is a book of ideas that the department wanted to potentially implement by having Congress pass laws. One of them was this idea of snooping on individual Americans’ bank accounts to the tune of $600 in or out, whether they were deposits or payments. Kevin Freeman discusses this and more with Derek Kreifels.

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