Are We in the Early 1930s Again with Many Churches Asleep? | Guest: Eric Metaxas | Ep 222


Today there are many people, just as in the 1930s, who’re hearing, “Oh, we’re not supposed to be political. Christians shouldn’t be political. We’re supposed to focus on the Gospel.” That is theological nonsense — absolute nonsense. And it’s worse than nonsense — it’s wicked. Because we are called by God to bring our biblical faith into every single sphere of life. It is why Wilberforce brought his faith into politics and into English culture and said, “We must abolish this evil.” Similarly, today, Christians, or anybody with any kind of faith in what is right and good and true, have an obligation to advocate and to work however they can to defeat evil. Eric Metaxas joins Kevin Freeman in the Economic War Room to dive deeper into why the church should be playing a more important role in both the economic and cultural wars we are facing.

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