A Gold Bullet for Central Bank Digital Currency | Ep 224


In the Economic War Room we address inflation, pandemic, election integrity, the risk of food shortages, space warfare, stock market collapse, debt and pension crisis, socialism, and global economic warfare. The challenge of the central bank digital currency may dwarf them all. Or maybe it rolls them all up into one big package that will be sold to you as something that you need, something that will benefit you. But in reality, it’s dark, it’s deceptive, and it’s destructive.

In this briefing Kevin explores the following topics: ● President Biden’s alarming executive order. ● A plot to take control of the global monetary system using central bank digital currencies. ● The threat of digital dollars. ● How we can combat the future of digital money. ● Reality: Transactional gold is money. ● America is facing a disastrous and unprecedented time in its economy. ● Right now, we have a golden opportunity — the most important economic moment of our lifetime.


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