URGENT: Is Biden About to Give Away Our Sovereignty to the WHO? | Guest: Michele Bachmann


In the Economic War Room, we’re always looking at challenges to our nation, to our sovereignty, and to our economy. We have foreign enemies. We have domestic enemies. Well, there is startling news that we may have a foreign enemy operating through a domestic enemy. And that domestic enemy may be our own president. Is it a rumor? Is it real? With former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Kevin Freeman discusses this and what you need to do right now to stop Biden from giving our sovereignty to the World Health Organization without U.S. Senate approval!

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Dr. Malone and Dr. McCullough are not experts in the amendments to the IHR (which is every bit as dangerous as the treaty and the hearings for the amendments are taking place RIGHT NOW) or the CA+ (treaty). They may be able to speak to the COVID/Vaxx issues but you need the real expert. JAMES ROGUSKI and Ms. Bachmann knows James well and I am surprised she did not mention his name. We need an expert on both of these issues and James Roguski is that expert. He is the one that has awakened the world on this issue. Lets get serious!!


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