Exposing the Next Generation to America's Founding | Guest: Rick Green | Ep 250


PragerU reports that 16% of Gen Z adults are proud to live in America, compared to 73% of Baby Boomers. That is to be expected when we have been pouring the poison of cultural Marxism into our education system for decades. Our kids have been taught America is bad. It’s evil, and we’ve got a terrible track record of slavery and worse. But when you compare it to the rest of the world and the rest of history, America is the greatest, most powerful, most benevolent nation in world history, but these kids aren’t proud of it because they’ve been lied to about who we are. Rick Green, founder of Patriot Academy, joins Kevin Freeman in the Economic War Room to share what he is doing to teach young people about values-based capitalism and what he is doing to restore the American spirit in the next generation.

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