Compulsory Cap and Trade by Biden's Executive Order | Guest: Ken Ivory | Ep 264


Consider the fact that Thomas Jefferson bought 530 million acres for $15 million, the greatest land deal in history. And what does he do? He trusts people with land and liberty, and they produce the greatest prosperity the world has ever seen. And we’ve now come to a point where we’re exactly the opposite. The federal government is locking up land as fast as it can and then controlling what we can do on the land. Then while the feds control the land, they are putting together a compulsory cap and trade system where they then take the land so that they can sell the environmental services back to you if you’ve exceeded your greenhouse gas quota. And that’s all been done by executive fiat. Utah state Representative Ken Ivory joins Kevin Freeman in the Economic War Room to talk about what can be done to stop this massive overreach.

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