Bloody Money - Wars and the Ruling Elites Economic War Room EP 55


The economics of war! Almost everyone can agree it only make sense to fight a war that is worth fighting. One that defends America, protects humanity and stands for liberty. Unfortunately, there are times when blood is lost for financial reasons and the reality is there are some who make money from wars. It is economic warfare but with human lives lost. Decorated War Veteran Allen Clark provides insights that are seldom talked about in media. Get the real story at the Economic War Room with Kevin Freeman.Our adversaries have plans to take down America and potentially change the dynamics of the 2020 election. It is an economic war! While no one can be sure of the timing, it is important to understand what they are thinking and be prepared for multiple financial and geopolitical scenarios. Kevin Freeman continues part 2 of Secret Weapon and the new concept financial weapons that impact you.




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