DEFCON 1: The Economic Attack on the US — China’s Non-Military Means to Defeat America and You! | Ep 105


America is under attack! Kevin Freeman reveals China’s plan to defeat America while we barely notice. It has worked perfectly — until now. China’s government knows that the election is between one candidate who views China as an adversary and another who says, “China is going to eat our lunch? C’mon, man.” The Chinese Communists took $3 trillion from us to subvert our economy and enrich theirs. This is classic unrestricted warfare, and it‘s designed to hurt you. Twenty years ago, the Chinese economy was a fraction of the size of ours today. But now, their economy rivals ours, and they are using their newfound power to repress minorities, control their people, and commit human atrocities. We have to stand up now or be taken down by the Chinese Communist Party.




Kevin, this is superb! Makes it very clear how DANGEROUS a Biden Presidency would be. China will own us, even more so than they already do. I am particularly concerned about our need for Rare Earth Minerals. How do we fix that? Even if President Trump is re-elected?

Keep up this excellent work! I will pray for you and your work. Hope and wish you could have a role in the next Trump administration. He needs you as a close advisor.


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