Defenders of Western Civilization: Trump & Churchill with Guest (Nick Adams) EP 87


Nick Adams joins Kevin Freeman in the Economic War Room to compare the similarities between Winston Churchill and President Donald Trump. Topics include new insights as it relates to our current president and his similarities in style to Churchill. Both men were in a fight to save Western civilization. The people during World War II didn’t necessarily like Churchill. Many thought he was rude and crude. But he was God’s man for the hour and he helped save Western civilization. As Trump battles a new invisible war with COVID-19, we now need President Donald Trump to be the man of the hour and win this war to save Western civilization. Nick highlights how he is the right man for the job in his new book, “Trump and Churchill: Defenders of Western Civilization.”

Short A

The uncanny similarities between Churchill and Trump Both were leaders, they did not connect with the political class, both could cut somebody down in just a few words, and yet they were relatable. Some even say both are not wartime presidents with COVID-19

Short B

Trump and Churchill were both able to predict what was going to happen, plus an election warning Why we would be in even worse shape in the economic war with China if Trump had not started to reset our manufacturing base back to the US early in his presidency. Plus one warning as it relates to re-election.




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